Micropoint Stimulation

Dolphin NeuroStim OTC - Micropoint Stimulation (MPS)

NOW FDA approved for over-the-counter use without a prescription!

The Dolphin Neurostim™ OTC is a hand-held microcurrent Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) device, specifically designed for the temporary relief of muscular pain. The Dolphin Neurostim™ OTC is engineered to detect and stimulate areas of low resistance on the body. This unique approach for the temporary relief of pain has been developed with input from healthcare professionals and has been thoroughly tested for over 30 years. A simple, all natural approach for the temporary relief of pain when and where you need it.

NOT FOR USE with pregnancy, seizure disorders (epilepsy) , or cardiac pacemakers.

In acupuncture and trigger point therapy, the insertion of needles has been scientifically proven to stimulate the release of powerful internal opiates called endorphins. These natural pain relievers are secreted from the pituitary and are circulated throughout your body via your blood stream. Not only are endorphins the most powerful pain relievers known to mankind, they enhance the immune system, reduce stress and produce a feeling of euphoria (endorphins are your feel-good hormones).

Science has long known that a special form of low-frequency DC electrical stimulation applied to these same points can reproduce the endorphin response just as in traditional needling. The Dolphin Neurostim is the ONLY hand held device on the market that duplicates these parameters. The main reason why the Dolphin Neurostim works so well for pain relief is that it taps into your body's own internal pain relieving system - the endorphin response. 

The Dolphin Neurostim releases or relaxes contracted and spastic muscles. One approach to pain management, called the neuropathic pain model, suggests that tightened/contracted muscles cause mechanical/structural asymmetry and nerve entrapments throughout the body. This asymmetry not only strains the body's movement and mechanics, but the resulting nerve entrapments place the pathways in a hypersensitive state, causing an amplification of pain response for the suffering person. The theory suggests this amplification of neural sensation, called "denervation supersensitivity," accompanied with the subsequent muscle contraction, may be the primary physiological basis of many chronic pain syndromes.

Applying the Dolphin Neurostim to tightened and contracted muscles, or to treatment points which relate to them, "releases" the muscles and permits increased reinnervation of their neural pathways. This process allows the suffering person's pain levels to be substantially decreased.

In other words, by relaxing the muscles there is less pressure on the nerves which calms the nerve pathways, permitting greater range of motion and increased functionality. Also, by keeping the muscles soft and supple, you guard yourself against further injury while at the same time maintaining optimal health of muscle tissue.

The Dolphin Neurostim has the ability to either increase or decrease the amount of circulation in the area of injury. This is achieved by changing the polarity to either (+) or (-) with a simple switch on the device. To decrease (-) or disperse the circulation would be similar to ice therapy and is most beneficial for pain control and reduction of swelling. To increase (+) or tonify would be similar to heat therapy and is most beneficial for immune enhancement and neural regeneration. Helping to decrease or increase the blood flow to the area greatly contributes to the natural healing process.

The Dolphin Neurostim uses Direct Current (DC) microcurrent stimulation applied via a concentrated point to provide Micropoint Stimulation Therapy.

This ingenious device is easily able to search for and locate areas on the skin that are lower in electrical resistance, including acupuncture points and trigger points. What's nice is that any person without acupuncture training should be able to use the Dolphin Neurostim to locate and then treat these areas of lowered resistance. 

The battery-operated Dolphin Neurostim works by sending tiny electrical impulses to first locate, and then stimulate, both nerve (trigger and motor) and acupuncture points which relate to a given disorder. When properly stimulated, these points relax nerve entrapping muscles, improve circulation, and trigger the release of beta-endorphins - the body's own painkillers.

Nerve or Trigger/Motor points (TP/MP’s) are tiny, tight bundles of nerve endings located throughout your muscles. They become tender when a muscle or a related muscle is injured. These points on the skin display a lowered electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue, and can be precisely identified and stimulated with the Dolphin Neurostim.

Traditional acupuncture points lie within a system of bioenergetic pathways called meridians. While these points are connected to our internal organs and body tissues, they're often located in areas with no anatomical relationship to the injury. Acupuncture points will also manifest the same electrical characteristics that the Dolphin Neurostim is designed to detect with great accuracy.

While many acupuncture points are nerve points, and vice versa, the most successful results follow protocols, which combine specific acupuncture and trigger points. Combining energetic therapies (acupuncture) with muscular and neuropathic therapies (trigger/motor points) produces synergistic pain relief and functional outcomes that go well beyond conventional forms of treatment.

The Dolphin Neurostim kit ships with a "Functional Acupuncture for Pain Management" book written with the beginner in mind. This concise, easy-to-follow format allows the patient, family member or friend to apply Dolphin Neurostim treatments as quickly and skillfully as a trained practitioner. "Functional Acupuncture for Pain Management" provides all of the acupuncture and tender points required to treat over 100 of the most common pain disorders.

The Dolphin Neurostim is battery-operated and very safe. It produces stimulation in the low microcurrent range, hundreds of times less than a conventional TENS unit. When it comes to optimal pain management from an energetic perspective, "less is more." 

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Does the Dolphin Neurostim OTC have to be applied by a trained specialist?

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this palm-sized unit is that it’s noninvasive, or needle-free, which makes it very easy to apply. It relies instead on electronic impulses to reproduce the physiological results of traditional acupuncture. This means that the Dolphin Neurostim OTC can be successfully applied by both novices and professionals – whenever and wherever pain strikes. Every unit comes with a concise and easy-to-digest treatment manual.

How do you find an area of low resistance?

The accompanying manual will guide you to the appropriate areas of low resistance for many common muscular pain conditions. As for the actual application, it couldn’t be easier. Place the unit’s Point Finder (PF) on the skin – either directly or through a loosely knit fabric. When the PF is near one an area of low resistance, the built-in detector will emit a high-pitched tone. Once the PF has found an area of low resistance, the green indicator light located on the back of the unit will turn off, and the tone will increase in pitch. Fast-acting relief begins by pushing and holding down the treatment button.

Is the Dolphin Neurostim OTC difficult to use?

We think you’ll find that both the self-help unit and the accompanying manual are extremely user-friendly. To shorten your learning curve, we include an easy-to-follow treatment manual with every Dolphin Neurostim OTC. Additionally, we provide the best toll-free support line in the industry.

Is the Dolphin Neurostim OTC safe?

The Dolphin Neurostim OTC is battery-operated and very safe – so safe you can use it on children to help them sleep, or the elderly to relieve their chronic pain. Please Note: Patients who are pregnant, epileptic or fitted with cardiac pacemakers, should NOT use the Dolphin Neurostim OTC.

How effective is the Dolphin Neurostim OTC for temporary pain relief?

The majority of our patients, therapists and doctors have reported 50-75% relief within one or two treatments. Properly applied, almost every patient will respond favourably within 2-3 applications!

How long does the Dolphin Neurostim OTC take to work?

In many cases, it can provide temporary symptomatic pain relief within minutes of the first treatment.