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  • Insights into Consciousness

    Picture of the Crab Nebula

    by Keith R. Holden, M.D.

    The concept of consciousness is controversial because many scientists and doctors say that consciousness is produced by the brain, and that when brain function ceases to exist, so does consciousness. In other words, they equate brain function with consciousness. Current scientific methods don't allow the detection of consciousness after death. Does that mean consciousness doesn't persist after we die? No.

    There is enough evidence from studying and documenting near death experiences (NDE) and out of body experiences (OBE) to argue otherwise. Could it be that consciousness is a spiritual phenomena that is partially mediated by the physical aspects of the human brain, but also exists outside of the physical realm of reality? Absolutely.

    Here is a link to a fascinating discussion of NDEs and OBEs by a panel of four physicians and a moderator. Two of the physicians have studied and documented NDEs, and another physician on the panel has experienced a NDE with cardiac arrest after being trapped under water for at over 15 minutes.

    This discussion will open your eyes to the spiritual aspects of consciousness. Enjoy.

    VIDEO: Experiencing Death: An Insider's Perspective