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  • Consciousness is Energy

    Stanford University will be able to look back on history and say they were one of the first major universities open to the concept that consciousness, as energy, is part of the unified field. 

  • Consciousness - The Unified Field

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    What follows is a theoretical explanation of how energies interact in our universe to create what we know, and also what we don’t know. Some of the content is scientifically proven, while other parts of this essay are based on my intuition. This is not meant to be a purely scientific article, so bring your curiosity and imagination, and come along while I take a stab at explaining the unexplainable. Keep the parts that resonate with you, and leave the rest alone, but remember the take-home message at the end. 

    Energy of Consciousness - the Great Influencer

    Energy is the fabric of the Universe, and all matter originates from energy. Energy is information, including thoughts, prayers, intentions, and beliefs. Regarding this, some of the highest energetic frequencies in consciousness are universal spiritual truths found in all of the sacred texts.

    Consciousness is the omniscient information field that connects everyone and everything. The energy field of consciousness includes:

    • Subconscious and conscious thought forms of all humans
    • Consciousness of the soul – Higher Self
    • Consciousness of all that is created by the Divine - Universe
    • Consciousness of the Divine

    Concepts in physics relating to energy are evolving based on new findings in the cosmos, which may require a complete rethinking of Einstein's law of relativity.1 Not only is the concept of energy shifting on the physical plane of mathematical laws as new discoveries are made in our universe, but a major shift is occurring in global consciousness. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath say “Humankind is in the middle of a great paradigm shift from a mentality of competition to one of cooperation.”2

    As the human race goes through the Great Change of transformation in consciousness to create new systems of cooperation and unity on earth, the energetic push comes from the frequencies encoded in your DNA. These frequencies include lower vibrational shadow frequencies associated with fear, and higher vibrational gift frequencies associated with love.3 As you transcend your fears and come into a state of unconditional love, you transform your consciousness to a higher frequency band that energizes your DNA creating profound healing in your body-mind. DNA is a biologic quantum field computer, and as such, connects you to the energies of the spiritual dimension and consciousness.4

    All energies influence each other, sometimes in subtle, but more often in highly significant and unusual ways. If energy waves come together in coherence forming a constructive interference pattern, they create an energy wave of higher amplitude, thus increasing the amount of energy carried by the wave. Increasing the energy of a wave has the potential to amplify its effect on matter, including your body-mind.

    Quantum coherence, or coherence of energy at a subatomic level, adds the quality of entanglement. Entanglement is the ability of energy particles, such as photons, to communicate even if on opposite sides of the universe. Einstein described this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.” Entangled energy particles, even when separated by great distances, don’t exist in a specific state until measured, but once measured, are able to communicate their state to each other instantaneously.5 This communication happens faster than the speed of light, which violates Einstein's theory of relativity.6

    Energy in many forms is constantly influencing your physical body. Epigenetics is the study of how your environment affects gene expression, or how genes are turned on or off. Energetic waveforms predominating in the body are the ones that potentially have the strongest epigenetic influence. Meaning if you are constantly in a state of anger or dissatisfaction, then that prevailing emotion experienced as an energetic thought form may create an overriding epigenetic influence on how your genes are expressed. Gene expression triggered by stressful emotions can be harmful, whereas gene expression triggered by thoughts and practices inducing relaxation can be beneficial.7

    As a quantum intention, every thought has the potential power of prayer. This is because all energy contains information, and as an intention, it also contains consciousness. When an energetic waveform of a specific intention comes into coherence with another waveform, its impact on matter results in conscious creation. Learning how to transmute negative thought forms is a powerful way to positively influence your environment, especially your body-mind.

    There are ways to create coherent waveforms in your body that positively influence core parts of you associated with intuition and non-verbal communication. The main regulator of these abilities is your heart energy field.8 Regular practice of creating coherent energy fields in the heart through techniques developed by HeartMath, much like practicing to play the guitar or learning how to speak a new language, can be honed. And with regular practice, it becomes second nature.

    Fractals - the Great Stabilizer

    So what stabilizes all of these energy waves flying through our universe? The answer could be found in fractals, which create an efficient and structured energetic highway upon which to travel. Fractals originate as an alignment of repeating energy vectors that provide for a stable interconnectedness of all energy systems in the universe. Since these fractals are energetic in origin, and since energy influences matter, they leave their mark in matter by creating repeating patterns seen throughout nature.9 These repeating patterns are also found in the human body serving as a reminder that we all originated from the same source, and we are all connected. 

    Fractals display self-similarity with the ability for objects to exhibit the same type of structure in all scales, large or small. Fractals give sacred geometry and snowflakes their structure. You can also find fractal patterns in the branches of a tree, fronds of a plant, crystals, ocean waves, earthquakes, and even DNA.10 Not surprisingly, since fractals originate as energy vectors, they are also observed in coherence patterns of brain function and in heart rate variability analysis.11,12

    Dark energy existing in dark matter, consists of energy vectors creating repeating fractals, and is what gives our universe energetic stability through similarity in structure. On the earth plane, the energetic influence of fractals is represented mathematically, allowing for the actual measurements of the physical components of these fractals.

    Mathematical expressions of fractals are seen in the Golden ratio, Penrose tiling, and the Fibonacci sequence. The Golden ratio is a number found by dividing a line in two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. Roger Penrose, a professor of mathematics and physics, established that a surface could be tiled in an asymmetrical, non-repeating pattern using five-fold symmetry with two shapes based on the Golden ratio. This pattern named Penrose tiling was later discovered to exist in nature as the structure of quasicrystals. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers, and is represented in nature by the petals of a flower and the bracts of a pinecone.      

    Nature includes the cosmos, so let’s consider the very controversial topic of astrology.

    Astrology – the Language of the Cosmos

    The entire cosmos has an energetic influence on you as an individual. While the moon’s gravitational force stabilizes the earth’s rotation and influences the watery tides, lunar cycles also influence our bodies.13 But gravitational forces alone cannot account for all of the moon’s effects on human physiology. While the exact mechanisms of how the moon influences human physiology is unknown, its scientifically documented impact does make us consider how other parts of the cosmos may also affect us.

    Astrologists say that the unique planetary alignment at the time of our birth provides a template upon which to base the potential impact that future planetary alignments may have on us. While many theories regarding astrology have been scientifically disproven, one must keep in mind that the laws used to disprove them don’t apply to all aspects of the cosmos. The classic example of this is how generally accepted laws of physics don’t hold true inside a black hole. This is like using the laws of physics to prove that God doesn’t exist. The laws of physics can’t account for all of the possible energies in the spiritual dimension, much less that of all the energies in our known universe.

    Energy fields, including those created by planetary alignments, are made of tiny subatomic particles. Since all of the subatomic particles in existence haven’t yet been discovered, scientists and engineers built a massive particle collider, called the Large Hadron Collider, to flesh them all out. Because some subatomic particles are still unknown, science can’t mathematically account for all of the possible information- packed energies contained in astrological alignments. The poetic language of astrology is written so as to make sense of the symbolism inherent in the components of these cosmological alignments, such as trines and squares.

    Consciousness, as a highly intelligent force, is the most powerful influencer of energy in the spiritual dimension and in astrological alignments. Consciousness contains energetic information existing as multiple potentials for outcomes as far as how they may impact matter and other energies. These multiple potentials come into existence through the creation of coherence driven by consciousness. This is why people born on the same date and time can have different outcomes associated with astrological predictions based on specific planetary alignments. The unique aspects of our consciousness at any given time influences the outcome of astrological predictions due to specific resonating energy waveforms coming into contact at any point in time.

    The unique energy of your consciousness plus the energy of the planetary alignments at the time of your birth is locked into the memory of the universe by the specific fractal energy vectors that are created through this combination. The information contained in that memory serves as the energetic template upon which the energy of future planetary alignments may potentially influence your life.      

    Coherence in Consciousness – the Great Facilitator

    It is the energy fields of fractal vectors that provide the information highway upon which consciousness travels, and when coherence patterns are formed in these fields, you will experience deja-vu, synchronicities, and even miracles. Keep in mind that the energy of consciousness is the major player in helping to create coherence.

    Human thought forms, as a part of energy in consciousness, are some of the most influential of all energies in our cosmos, much greater than the combined energy of all the suns in our universe. This is because thought forms always contain consciousness, and consciousness is part of the original source energy for the existence of all that is.

    Learning to harness the power of your thoughts through practices like meditation, contemplation, and prayer, along with increasing high vibrational thoughts associated with unconditional love and compassion will facilitate the Great Change in global consciousness. This Great Change is simply a remembering of this universal truth - we are all One Love.

    We all originated from the same source of Love that permeates everything, and beckons us to reunite to create a new energy on earth. This new energy that will make war, famine, poverty, and strife something we only read about in history books, and will make us wonder – Why did we wait so long?  

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  • Science and Spirituality

    A pulsar wind nebula nicknamed the "Hand of God"

    by Keith R. Holden, M.D.

    Big Bang Theory

    Modern science thinks it might have figured out the origin of our universe with the Big Bang Theory, but has yet to come up with a definitive explanation for the origin of life. Science likes to distance itself from the spiritual aspects of life out of fear of not being able to explain it based on a mathematical model. I hope most scientists can move beyond this fear, and allow the unknown into their equations, because I have a feeling that the energy of the Divine will always remain a mystery. Why? Because the laws of physics, which rule the physical plane of matter and energy will probably never be able to explain the energies of the spiritual dimension. The laws of physics can't even explain the energies of a black hole, a part of our universe. 

    The Big Bang Theory says the universe began about 14 billion years ago as a massive explosion of energy from an infinitely dense point – a singularity, and then rapidly began expanding. Science has solid evidence for the Big Bang through the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation left over after the universe began cooling. The problem with the Big Bang theory is that the laws of physics don’t apply in a singularity, and what actually created the Big Bang is unknown. Though the concept of time is controversial, from a scientific standpoint, time has no meaning in a singularity, thus “time” as science defines it was created by the Big Bang.

    Einstein’s equation says that energy and matter are interchangeable, and in fact, human beings are carbon based living matter formed from energy. The Big Bang Theory says that only particles of energy existed in the extremely high temperature just after the Big Bang. This initial extreme temperature prohibited the formation of matter, but once the universe began to cool, matter formed from energy. This matter includes stars, planets, and all living beings.

    Pre-Big Bang Theory

    Many scientists don’t believe the universe came from essentially nothing, so they are formulating pre-Big Bang models and giving them names like ekpyrotic scenario, the cyclic universe model, and the loop quantum gravity model. I agree with this group of scientists because intuition tells me we have always been in existence and always will be. It is through my life experiences combined with a deep “knowing” unexplained by logic that intuition tells me we are energetic spiritual beings living a physical existence. I also know we were created in the image of this beautiful, loving and infinitely intelligent universe that birthed us initially as energy. There is no arguing this fact.

    Subatomic Particles of Energy as the Building Blocks of the Universe

    Most of us know the concept of energy through physics, including Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum field theory. But these laws can’t explain the Divine energy that created us. Quantum field theory proposes a theoretical model for how subatomic particles interact in quantum physics. Quantum field theory is controversial because it contains lots missing pieces of information, but many scientists are dedicating their lives to filling in these gaps of knowledge.

    The Large Hadron Collider located near Geneva Switzerland is the highest-energy particle collider ever constructed, and in July 2012, proved the existence of the so-called “God particle” – the Higgs boson. Researchers wanted to confirm the existence of the Higgs particle and its associated energy field in an attempt to explain why fundamental particles in the Standard Model of physics have mass. The Standard Model establishes the rules for the fundamental particles that are the building blocks of our universe.

    Proving the existence of the Higgs boson was a huge breakthrough in physics, but as is often the case, new discoveries create new questions. Researchers were puzzled to find that the Higgs particle has a much lighter mass than anticipated, because they say its interaction with all of the other particles in the Standard Model should cause it to be heavier.

    Supersymmetry Theory

    So to help make sense of this unanticipated finding, some scientists turn to Supersymmetry theory, which says every subatomic particle should have a corresponding “super” partner of higher mass. While research in Supersymmetry theory attempts to explain the lightness of the Higgs particle, it also attempts to explain dark matter. Dark matter and its associated dark energy makes up 80% of the universe, and is basically what holds the universe together. The rapid rotation of galaxies is inconsistent with the amount of visible mass, and infers the existence of dark matter .  

    If supersymmetry particles can be detected, this may help explain a Grand Unified Theory of particle physics, which in turn may lead to the Theory of Everything, or the physics theory that would explain how all aspects of the universe interact. The Large Hadron Collider is currently being updated to search for particles beyond the Higgs boson in an attempt to help confirm or disprove supersymmetry.

    Scientists think that if they can discover all of the subatomic energetic particles in our universe, they will be able to create a mathematical model that explains the origin of life. For the spiritually inclined, this represents a search for God, or the energy that created us.

    Energy as the Origin of Life

    Science indicates that man originated from energy, as did all parts of our known universe. While scientists continue to search for all of the particles of this obviously intelligent energy, others look for explanations of a more esoteric nature. Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is the soul? Are we an infinite being?

    As an energetic entity comprised of consciousness, the soul can be transformed but not destroyed, which explains how the soul transitions from life on the physical plane back into Spirit form upon death of our physical bodies. This also means our soul was in existence before we incarnated as a physical being. 

    Spirituality Transcends Science

    Spirituality is a force that is unique to each individual, and unexplained by science. Spirituality is not necessarily meant to be understood, but to be experienced. All of the great spiritual texts provide stories and metaphors to better our understanding of how spirituality can impact our lives, but that impact is like an energetic fingerprint, one that is unique for each person.

    Allowing for both science and spirituality creates an optimal scenario for pondering the meaning of our existence. Spirituality transcends science because the laws of physics don't apply in the spiritual dimension. That's what makes it The Great Mystery. And we all need a little mystery in our lives.