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  • The Power of Heart Consciousness

    The healthy expression of negative emotions is very good for you. It is when these negative emotions get trapped in the tissues of the body, and are not expressed, or processed and removed, is when dis-ease occurs.

    Know that every experience and emotion you have in your life has the potential to be a powerful teacher. That, if you listen, these experiences and emotions will teach you something about your life and yourself that can be a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation. The consciousness of your heart, your Heart Mind, reminds you that it’s okay to fully feel every negative emotion, as long as you express it, process it, and release it.

    Spectrum of human emotions

    Fear, anger, grief, frustration, and other low energy emotions represent a spectrum of the human emotional experience, and are not something we should run from or avoid.

    To heal a negative emotion, especially if it’s one that has become chronic and is producing an associated physical dis-ease in the body such as pain, you’ve got to first allow yourself to feel the negative emotion. This is so that your Subconscious Mind and your Heart Mind can align to give you insight and a higher awareness about the original experience that created it.

    Through the consciousness of your Heart Mind, you have at your disposal the powerful energy of pure unconditional love, inherent in which is unlimited forgiveness, which you can use for self-healing. Your Heart Mind reminds you that you are an all-powerful spiritual being with an unlimited ability to love and heal.

    Unresolved emotional conflict

    A life experience may be so traumatic that it creates a fragmentation of your psyche and locks a negative emotion into your body and mind. This is what I call an unresolved emotional conflict.

    In my practice, I’ve seen time and time again, that unresolved emotional conflicts prevent healing of longstanding health conditions.

    Because of the inability of the psyche to resolve the original emotional trauma, the associated negative emotion becomes unresolved, lodges in the body-mind, and creates a chronic interference field.

    This chronic interference field is the stagnant energy of an unresolved emotional conflict. Any interference field in the body-mind has the potential to disrupt the optimal flow of energy and create physical dysfunction. Often this dysfunction manifests as pain or some other physical disturbance.

    What’s interesting is that the pain or other physical dysfunction may not be in the exact area of the associated interference field, though it often lies on the same Chinese meridian.

    Unresolved emotional conflicts can be removed, just like any interference field in the body, through the use of energy. Remember, everything is energy, including your thoughts as consciousness.

    Transmuting negative emotions technique

    In my course, “Power of the Mind in Health and Healing, I teach a technique called Transmuting Negative Emotions. This technique taps into your Subconscious Mind to let you view the circumstances of the original event, which created the unresolved emotional conflict. When you are able to view the original trauma with a higher awareness, you have the ability to change your perception of the original trauma, thus initiating the healing process.

    This technique also brings in the consciousness of your Heart Mind to show you how to finalize the healing with the energy of unconditional love. Inherent in unconditional love is unconditional forgiveness, which is often required to heal an unresolved emotional conflict.

    Shamanic wisdom of the heart mind

    Ancient Shamanism describes a healer who has the wisdom to take a mystical journey, find the missing parts of someone’s fragmented soul, and make them whole again.

    With this technique, I’m asking you to be your own Shaman. To take a mystical journey inward, find the missing fragments of your psyche, and piece them together so that you can be whole again.

    With the wisdom of your Heart Mind, you are empowered by seeing the bigger picture of this experience, and intuitively are given clues on how to effectively express the emotion, process it, and release it.

    But you must first invite the negative emotion to sit with you as a friend, a friend who has a powerful and loving message.

    For more information about the mind-body course that contains this powerful technique, go to "Power of the Mind In Health and Healing."

    Keith R. Holden, M.D.