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  • Spirituality and Health

    As spiritual beings temporarily residing in a physical body, the most stable and immortal part of us lies at the very core of our being. So it would make sense to nurture our spiritual essence for a whole and healthy existence. By nurture, I mean to practice consciously connecting with the spiritual part of us on a regular basis to help fine-tune our connection with the Divine. In fine-tuning those Divine connections, we are able to integrate spirit, mind and body for optimal health through a higher awareness that defies logic.

    As I like to tell my patients, “nurture your spiritual side” so that your mind and body are supported by this mystical energy. Consciously choosing a spiritual path that is free of self-judgment or condemnation is a personal act of unconditional love, which opens a doorway to wholeness that can only support better mental and physical health.

    In creating wholeness of spirit, mind, and body, we facilitate healing on many levels. Many types of healing, such as spontaneous remission of advanced cancers, defy explanation by medical science. Unexplained healing is one of those mysteries of life that shows us that we don’t know how or why it all works when it comes to health and healing. Spontaneous remission of cancer is an excellent reminder that the Western paradigm of modern medicine doesn’t have all of the answers, and that we should stay open to the possibility of miracles in our lives.

    The body is a finely tuned instrument composed of waves of energy, which create form. Spiritual energy, a form of pure love, is always at our disposal to support good health. Through free will, we can choose whether to tap into this spiritual energy for better health by setting this intention, and then by acting through spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.

    You should not ignore modern medicine, and rely on blind faith for all of your health needs. In fact, in many instances, modern medicine has proven itself as a responsible provider of tools for wellness. It is through balancing modern medicine with proper diet, exercise, positive intentions, and spirituality that we better our chances of attaining optimal health.